Yimin Yang

Assistant Professor, Computer Science Department
Lakehead University, Thunder Bay, Canada

955 Oliver Rd, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada P7B 5E1

Email:  yyang48(at)lakeheadu(dot)ca

Biography:  I am currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science at the Lakehead University, Ontario, Canada. My research interests are in Machine Learning, Neural Networks and Signal Processing. From 2014-2018, I was a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Windsor, Ontario, Canada.  From 2009-2013, I was a Ph.D. Candidate at the College of Electrical and Information Engineering, Hunan University, China, where I received my Ph.D degree with a specialization in Pattern Recognition and Intelligent System.

"The Fear of the LORD is the beginning of Wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding". Proverbs 9:10



Opportunities: I am always on a lookout for talented graduate students who are significant interested in machine learning, image processing and health informatics. All excellent domestic students (having A- or equivalent grade in the last two years) will have extra funding opportunities from the department. Please see the poster for more information.


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Research Interests

  • Machine Learning: Artificial Neural Networks, Deep Learning, Feature Learning and Representation, Image Processing, Extreme Learning Machine and Kernel Methods, Pattern Recognition

  • Computer Vision and Robotics: Object Category and Image Recognition, Scene Understanding, Robot Navigation, Brain Signal Processing and Recognition

Selected Papers (More Papers)


Artificial Neural Networks

  • Yimin Yang, Q.M.Jonathan Wu. Feature Combined from Hundreds of midlayers: Hierarchical Networks with Subnetwork Nodes. IEEE Transactions on  Neural Networks and Learning Systems, 2019, In press. [Code]

  • Yimin Yang, Q.M.Jonathan Wu. Multilayer extreme learning machine with subnetwork nodes for representation learning. IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics. 46 (11), 2570-2583, 2016. [BIB]

  • Yimin Yang, Wang Yaonan, et al. Bidirectional extreme learning machine for regression problem and its learning effectiveness. IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems. Vol. 23, pp. 1498 – 1505. 2012.  [BIB][Code]

  • Yimin Yang, Q.M.Jonathan Wu and et al. Data partition learning with multiple extreme learning machines. IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics. Vol. 45, pp. 1463-1475. 2015. [BIB]

Pattern Recognition and Image Recognition

  • Yimin Yang, Q.M.Jonathan Wu. Autoencoder with invertible functions for dimension reduction and image reconstruction. IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics: Systems. Accepted. [BIB] [Code]

  • Yimin Yang, Q.M.Jonathan Wu. Extreme learning machine with subnetwork hidden nodes for regression and classification. IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics. 46 (12), 2885-2898, 2016.  [BIB] 

  • Wang Yaonan, Xiao Lu, Zhigang Ling, Yimin Yang, Zhenjun Zhang, Kenan Wang. A method to calibrate vechicle-mounted cameras under urban traffic scenes. IEEE Transactions on intelligent transportation systems. 16 (6), 3270-3279, 2015.[BIB]

Hybrid System Approximation and Optimization

  • Yimin Yang, Yaonan Wang, Q.M. Jonathan Wu and et al. Progressive learning method for general hybrid system approximation. IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems. 2015, Vol.26, pp. 1855-1874. [BIB][Code]

  • Yimin Yang, Yaonan Wang, et al. Hybrid Chaos optimization algorithm with artificial emotion. Applied mathematics and Computation. Vol. 218, pp. 6585-6611, 2012. [BIB]

  • Yaonan Wang, Yongpeng Shen, Xiaofang Yuan, Yimin Yang. “Operating point optimization of auxiliary power unit based on dynamic combined cost map and particle swarm optimization.” IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics. 30 (12), 7038-7050, 2015.[BIB]

  • Yimin Yang, Yaonan Wang, Xiaofang Yuan. Parallel chaos search based extreme learning machine. Neural Processing letters. Vol.37 pp. 277-301, 2013.[BIB][Code]

  • Xiaofang Yuan, Yimin Yang, et al. Improved parallel chaos optimization algorithm. Applied mathematics and Computation. Vol. 219, pp. 3590-3599. 2012.[BIB]

Robotics and Brain Signal Recognition

  • Yimin Yang, Q.M.Jonathan Wu, Wei-long Zheng, Bao-liang, Lu. EEG-based emotion recognition using hierarchical network with subnetwork nodes. IEEE Transactions on cognitive and developmental systems. Accepted.

  • Yimin Yang Yaonan Wang, Xiaofang Yuan, et al. Neural network based self-learning control for power transmission line deicing robot. Neural Computing and Applications. Vol. 22, pp. 969-986, 2013.

  • Yaonan Wang, Yimin Yang, et al. Autonomous mobile robot navigation system designed in dynamic environment based on transferable belief model. Measurement. vol.8 pp. 1389-1405 , 2011.


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